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4 points you have to pay attention to when using an infrared camera

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4 points you have to pay attention to when using an infrared camera

  Infrared thermal imaging cameras are very professional optical imaging equipment. There are many models, and they are not all-in-one equipment for "one machine to measure all", which is neither accurate nor reliable. Different models have to complete different missions, and choosing the right infrared camera can help us solve the problem better. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following 4 points in the process of use.

  1. Determine the target temperature range:

  In order to make the measurement more accurate, the user needs to determine the temperature range of the measured object. Different infrared cameras can measure different temperature ranges, also known as "range". The larger the range, the larger the measured temperature range and the lower the accuracy; the smaller the range, the smaller the measured temperature range and the higher the accuracy. Therefore, users need to choose the infrared thermal imager with the required temperature measurement range.

  2. Determine the target size:

  When using an infrared camera to measure the target temperature, if the image of the measured object is too small, the energy displayed by the background will interfere with the reading of the infrared camera. Therefore, the image displayed by the target to be measured should be larger than the field of view of the infrared thermal imager, and the target to be measured is preferably 1.5 times the size of the field of view.

  3. Determine the optical resolution:

  It is also important to choose the optical resolution of the infrared camera. If the infrared thermal imager is relatively close to the measured target and the measurement target is relatively large, then an infrared thermal imager with a low optical resolution can be used; otherwise, if the infrared thermal imager is relatively far from the measured target, the measurement target is also If it is relatively small, you should choose an infrared thermal imager with high optical resolution.

  The wavelength of the infrared thermal imager also needs to be selected, and some wavelengths will penetrate some materials of the medium, so to select the appropriate wavelength measurement target, the common material wavelength selection refer to the following table.

Common material wavelength selection table


 metallic material

 Glass interior

 Polyethylene plastic film


 CO2 in the flame

 High temperature zone




 4.3μm, 7.9μm

 4.24μm -4.3μm

 Other temperature zones

 1.6μm, 2.2μm, 3.9μm



 4.3μm, 7.9μm

 4.24μm -4.3μm

  4. Determine the response time:

  Choosing an infrared camera also needs to consider the response time of the device. So what is the response time, for example: a camera is also a device that records the movement of an object. If you are only shooting a still picture or a picture with a moving speed clearly visible to the naked eye, then many ordinary cameras can complete this function; if you need to shoot If you want to take pictures of moving pictures such as splashes of water, you need a high-speed camera to complete the shooting. The same is true for infrared thermal imaging cameras. If the measured target moves quickly or the temperature changes rapidly, then a thermal imaging camera with a faster response and a shorter response time will be selected, and the natural price will be more expensive.


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