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Advantages of Intelligent Inspection Robots Equipped with Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in Comprehensive Pipe Corridors

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Advantages of Intelligent Inspection Robots Equipped with Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in Comprehensive Pipe Corridors

   The intelligent infrared thermal imaging inspection robot system for comprehensive pipe corridors is an automated and intelligent inspection equipment used in urban comprehensive pipe corridors; it is equipped with a high-definition camera and infrared thermal imager on the car body arm. The robot can transmit the video signal and temperature field distribution of various places in the pipe gallery to the monitoring center in real time, thereby realizing the real-time dynamic patrol and monitoring of the whole line of the pipe gallery, so that the managers can accurately know the various instruments and meters without entering the pipe gallery. To determine whether the pipelines or pipelines for electricity, gas, water supply, drainage, and telecommunications in the pipe gallery are working properly. Through the temperature and humidity, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and other sensors mounted on the car body, the environmental information of various parts in the pipe gallery can be monitored in real time; abnormalities are found through dynamic monitoring of the video, infrared thermal imaging and environmental information in the pipe gallery , And quickly alarm to the monitoring center, while the server and the car body send out sound, light, and electric alarms to take emergency measures in time.

   In addition, in order to adapt to the special environment in the pipe gallery, enhance the flexibility of the track path and ensure the inspection frequency of the robot, the intelligent inspection robot system is equipped with an automatic opening and closing fire door in addition to carrying an infrared thermal imager. Robots, intelligent rail change plates, intelligent explosion-proof automatic charging stations. Compared with manual inspections, the advantages of intelligent infrared thermal imaging inspection robots to operators are as follows:


Figure 1. Intelligent infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   1) Achieve more effective monitoring of abnormal conditions. Collecting and analyzing data such as video images, the content of harmful gases in the air, temperature and humidity alarms through infrared thermal imaging cameras can detect abnormal situations in time and upload them to the data center, so that the command center can timely adopt corresponding emergency plans.

   2) Reduce the investment in inspection manpower. There is no need to invest too much manpower, save labor costs, avoid safety risks for operation and maintenance personnel, and reduce physical and mental burden. As a mobile inspection equipment, it can also replace the monitoring cameras, online monitoring sensors and other devices arranged in the pipe gallery, which can save the construction cost of other auxiliary monitoring systems. The use of a comprehensive operation and maintenance management platform to highly integrate multi-dimensional subsystems such as the robot system, environmental monitoring system, and circulation monitoring system can make the operating platform more professional and specific.

   3) Improve the adaptability of inspection operations. The intelligent inspection robot has strong adaptability to the environment. It can conduct inspections as usual in harsh environments, and can go deep into the dangerous scene, send the scene situation to the monitoring center in time, and cooperate to deal with abnormal situations.

   4) Improve data collection quality and data maintenance level. The robot system adopts standardized equipment classification and data management to make the data objective, authentic, reliable, safe, and traceable. It is not affected by the psychological state of the operators and the level of work, and does not cause missed and wrong inspections, and the inspection quality is high.

   5) Significantly increase the frequency of inspections. The inspection robot system is powered by a high-performance lithium battery, and with distributed charging technology, it can continuously inspect the pipe gallery without being affected by the environment, and the inspection frequency is high. In short, the intelligent inspection robot equipped with an infrared thermal imaging camera will bring great convenience to the pipe gallery operator, which is more in line with the needs of smart city construction.


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