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Application—Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot In Substation

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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot In Substation

   The power system is a comprehensive system that integrates the application of multidisciplinary technology. In the context of the continuous expansion of the current grid scale, the operation and maintenance of the grid has become a key consideration in the management of the grid. Inspection is a very important part of the power grid operation and maintenance work. The traditional manual-based inspection mode of substations not only consumes manpower and material resources, but also cannot guarantee safety. Obviously, it can no longer meet the current needs of power grid development. For this reason, various high and new technologies have been introduced into the management of power grids, among which infrared thermal imaging inspection robots are one of the most representative application cases.


Figure 1. Substation infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot technology is an emerging technology that uses intelligent equipment to replace humans in substation inspections. It is an important symbol of intelligent and informatized substation management. In current practice, the so-called intelligent inspection technology is actually represented by the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras. The application of infrared thermal imaging inspection robot has solved the safety and efficiency problems in manual inspection. At the same time, it has unparalleled advantages over manual inspection in the detection of various parameters. The robot can complete large-scale inspections in a short time. The scope, multi-parameter, and highly reliable inspection tasks greatly increase the level of intelligent substation operation.

   As an intelligent electronic system, the infrared thermal imaging inspection robot can integrate functional modules according to the designer's wishes and actual needs, which has great flexibility. However, judging from the current application in the coming year, the most commonly used functions of inspection robots in substations mainly include infrared thermal imaging, path planning, fault detection, positioning and navigation, remote control and so on. After the system issues task instructions to the on-site inspection robot, the robot needs to automatically plan the optimal path through the internal algorithm module. Generally, it needs to go through the steps of path search, path screening and path simulation experiments, and after manual correction. The actual inspection path can be determined. Fault detection mainly relies on the temperature detection function of the infrared thermal imaging system. The robot analyzes the temperature distribution of each device in real time through infrared temperature measurement, and takes pictures of overheated places. At the same time, it collects the fault sound from the device, and then according to the preset Conditions for fault analysis and location. Positioning navigation is a necessary prerequisite for the robot to follow the planned path. The substation generally uses trackless navigation. Therefore, a GIS map is actually imported into the robot. It can also bring its own GPS positioning terminal to enable it to autonomously complete positioning, forwarding, turning, and avoiding Barriers and other functions. Remote control is an indispensable function of the current substation inspection robot. On the one hand, when the robot itself fails or emerges an emergency, it needs to be remotely controlled by people to prevent accidents. On the other hand, for some more complex inspections or maintenance tasks, it is not realistic to rely on algorithms alone, and can be completed with remote assistance by technicians.


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