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Application—Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot in Power Distribution Room

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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot in Power Distribution Room

   Affected by strong electromagnetic interference, the power distribution room is prone to high-voltage discharge, which limits the application of traditional temperature measurement technology in the power distribution room. The temperature measurement technology used in the traditional power distribution room application method can monitor the temperature of the sensitive parts of the power equipment fault and heating online. Due to frequent bad weather, this method is not suitable for open high-pressure places. Too much debris on the optical fiber will be dangerous due to high voltage discharge. In order to effectively solve the above problems, there are more and more applications of infrared thermal imaging intelligent inspection robots in power distribution rooms.

   The power distribution room design based on the intelligent inspection robot effectively realizes the infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement of the electrical equipment in the power distribution room. The main method is to install an infrared thermal imaging intelligent inspection robot in the power distribution room to detect the internal thermal curve of the equipment and reflect the overall operating status of the equipment. The robot is a platform for obtaining activity information, equipped with a state-aware system, and has a strong ability to promote and apply. In terms of image processing technology, for equipment heating and inspection coverage, the infrared thermal imaging camera equipped with the intelligent inspection robot is used to shoot the target. Through the fusion of infrared thermal image and visible light image, high-density monitoring of heat-sensitive parts of the power distribution room equipment, and timely warning.

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Figure 1. Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot for power distribution room.

   Using the infrared thermal imaging intelligent inspection robot to measure the temperature of the power distribution room, it is necessary to register and fuse the power distribution room image with the image to obtain the infrared thermal image and the visible light image. In order to improve the accuracy of temperature measurement, the image needs to be preprocessed. Before image processing and registration, it is necessary to determine the defects of power distribution equipment. After determining the type of equipment fault, avoid misjudgment of fault defects during diagnosis. Considering the above problems, the surface temperature judgment method is selected, based on the surface temperature value measured on the spot, and the relevant regulations of the national standard are used to judge whether the equipment exceeds the standard value. If the surface temperature of the equipment exceeds the standard value, the equipment defect can be determined according to the operating load rate of the equipment. In the case of small load, if the temperature rise exceeds the standard, the test should be more stringent. For equipment with small operating load and large relative temperature difference, it is only necessary to increase the equipment load current by changing the load rate. Determine equipment defects through experimental testing. In the case that retesting is not possible, it can be tentatively determined as a general defect, but it should be monitored. After determining the basis for judging the occurrence of equipment failure, in order to improve the accuracy of temperature measurement and make the infrared thermal image obtain a better visual effect, image processing is used to denoise and image registration to superimpose multiple images. Finally, match the images of the same target area, and then through image processing and image registration fusion, you can get a better visual effect.


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