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Application—Design of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

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Design of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

   With the continuous development of urban construction, the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe corridors continues to increase. The underground comprehensive corridor is also the super artery of the city, bringing vitality to the city from inside to outside. However, due to the insufficient scale of underground pipeline construction and low management level, some cities have successively experienced incidents such as heavy rain and waterlogging, pipeline leakage and explosion, road collapse, and facility theft, which seriously affected people's life safety and urban operation order. The integrated pipe gallery infrared thermal imaging inspection robot monitoring system is an intelligent integrated inspection program specially designed for underground comprehensive pipe gallery research and development. The system takes the integrated pipe gallery intelligent inspection robot as the core, combined with the powerful infrared thermal imager, remote monitoring platform, data server and related accessories, can realize the uninterrupted round-trip monitoring of the integrated pipe gallery environment and equipment and emergency fire Alarm and disposal.


Figure 1. Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot for pipe gallery.

   Infrared thermal imaging robot body is mainly composed of image acquisition system, voice intercom and emergency broadcast system, environmental detection system, autonomous collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance system, precise positioning system and personnel detection and tracking system. The design system is as follows.

1) Image acquisition system

   The image acquisition system is equipped with an integrated high-performance pan-tilt camera, integrated high-definition camera technology and infrared thermal imaging technology, which can achieve clear imaging under low illumination. The dome has 6 cruise scans, each of which can be set with 16 preset points, and the preset time is adjustable; the vertical angle of rotation can be changed from -20° (overlooking) to +90° (looking up), and the horizontal angle is 360°. It can rotate continuously without any blind spot for monitoring.

2) Voice intercom and emergency broadcast system

   The robot body is equipped with an advanced two-way voice intercom system, which can realize real-time intercom, and the intercom sound is above 110 decibels. At the same time, it is equipped with a large-diameter gold-plated diaphragm microphone with extremely low background noise and a wider range of sound collection. Adaptive dynamic noise reduction processing technology, built-in high-speed DSP digital signal processor. The uniquely designed "electronic noise dynamic closed-loop suppression circuit" completely eliminates the "hissing" electronic noise. Monitoring range: 5~80m2, with adjustable sensitivity. When an emergency occurs, such as detection of fire or over-temperature, the robot body has an alarm indication function and a robot status indication function.

3) Environmental detection system

   The patrol robot environmental monitoring system can detect the environmental parameters of the pipe gallery. The monitoring range includes: simultaneous detection of the concentration of O2, CO, H2S, and CH4 and over-limit alarm; it can complete the environmental temperature and humidity The detection range is: temperature -40℃~+123.8℃; humidity: 0%~100%RH; in addition, it can monitor smoke, light intensity and flame.

4) Autonomous collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance system

   The robot body is equipped with an autonomous collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance system, which uses ultrasonic detection to detect obstacles and workers in the tunnel. It automatically stops and alarms when encounters obstacles. At the same time, a safety edge is installed to prevent collisions and damage to personnel and equipment. The ultrasonic detection distance is 0.1~4m, and the detection angle is 120°.

5) Precise positioning system

   The robot uses precise mileage positioning, uploads its own position information in real time, and achieves precise positioning through GIS maps. At the same time, it can also be linked to Baidu maps to achieve precise location locking.


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