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Application—Design of Various Modules of Substation Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

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Design of Various Modules of Substation Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

(1) Inspection task management module

   The patrol task management module mainly realizes the creation, storage and deletion of automatic patrol tasks for infrared thermal imaging inspection robots, as well as the management of patrol tasks issued by operators and patrol tasks that are automatically executed at regular intervals. For the execution of the inspection task, it is necessary to send the stop point that this task should reach to the inspection robot. The base station will perform the designated inspection work when it receives the feedback of the robot arriving at the corresponding stop point. After the inspection is completed, the base station will then issue a request. The command for the robot to move to the next stop.

(2) Image monitoring module

   The image monitoring module mainly realizes the function of real-time monitoring of visible light cameras and infrared thermal imaging cameras, real-time display of visible light or infrared thermal imaging video images on the computer of the monitoring main station, and can realize the remote control of the PTZ camera by the operator. Carry out the capture of key images, and realize the automatic capture of images during the automatic execution of tasks, and also realize video recording.

   Because other modules need to call some functions of the image monitoring module, for example, the alarm output module needs to call the video function of visible light and infrared thermal imaging when encountering a vibration alarm, so the interface display and the function category need to be separated in design.


Figure 1. Power infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

(3) Robot control module

   The robot control module mainly realizes the driving and pan-tilt movement of the remote control inspection robot, the zooming in and out of the camera, the detection of moving targets and the control of the infrared thermal imager for temperature detection. The movement of the remote control inspection robot is mainly through the keyboard and Mouse to proceed.

   In order to facilitate the manual remote control of the inspection robot by the operators, some commonly used direction control keys are specially set on the keyboard, which can control the pan/tilt head up, down, left, right, stop, and reset. In addition, use the four arrow keys to control the traveling direction of the robot body, and use the space bar to control the robot to stop immediately.

(4) Data storage module

   The database is used as the background database of the base station system, which can save the electronic map information, working system information, task management information, and real-time database information needed by the robot to the database for persistence. At the same time, the inspection records, log records, infrared records, and moving target detection records generated by the inspection robot are stored in real time. And establish a real-time data area to facilitate the exchange of real-time data among various modules.

(5) Query module

   The query module is divided into three parts: log query, report generation, and historical temperature query. Log query is to automatically record the daily operating status of the infrared thermal imaging inspection robot and the control commands issued by the base station system into the database, and it is convenient for operators to query or export log records. Operators can sort and select various status information and alarm information recorded in the database according to time or type when querying the log. The function of the report generation module is to facilitate the operator to browse and query the detection results of the robot; and to generate a format inspection report.

   In terms of image display, the previous display method has been changed, but the method of displaying infrared thermal image is adopted. Infrared thermal image is a kind of data that centrally stores image data, temperature data of each point and various environmental information when the image is collected at that time. In this way, when the operator clicks the infrared thermal image with the left mouse button, the temperature data value at that point will be displayed.

(6) Status display module

   The status display module can display the speed, current, voltage, status of various sensors, battery voltage, various alarm information and network communication conditions of the robot during operation. This module can display various real-time data of the robot to the operator in time. Because the amount of information is too large, the information needs to be classified when displayed.

(7) Alarm output module

   The alarm output module judges the current state of the robot by inspecting the signals from the ultrasonic and vibration sensors transmitted by the robot body. When an alarm signal is generated, the robot will give an alarm and collect and store data. The alarm information will also be displayed in the status display module of the robot and stored in the database, which ensures that the detailed information of the output alarm at the time can be found in the future.

(8) Configuration module

   The configuration module is a module used to configure various settings of the base station system, such as the switch of the ultrasonic and vibration sensors of the inspection robot, the planned speed of the robot, and the names and stops of various equipment in the station that need to be detected.


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