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Application—Economic and Social Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

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Economic and Social Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

The pipe gallery infrared thermal imaging inspection robot is equipped with various data acquisition equipment including infrared thermal imaging cameras to monitor the inside of the pipe gallery in real time. When the equipment (such as cable joints) in the pipe gallery fails, the inspection robot detects the abnormal high temperature at the fault location through the infrared thermal imager. When the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the inspection robot system starts the emergency mode and issues an alarm. After the fire-fighting robot receives the emergency mode start instruction, it will arrive near the equipment failure in advance. Once the failure situation is out of control and a major accident such as a fire occurs, the fire-fighting robot will extinguish the fire as quickly as possible to minimize the accident loss.

When a fire occurs, the inspection robot combines infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement, gas detection, smoke detection and image recognition technology to accurately locate the location of the fire, determine the fire situation, and send an alarm to the background system to notify operation and maintenance personnel. At the same time, the closest fire-fighting robot will receive the fire information, rush to the fire scene as soon as possible, and extinguish the fire accurately through precise positioning.


Figure 1. Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot for pipe gallery.

The use of inspection robots for underground integrated pipe gallery will effectively improve the operation and management efficiency of underground integrated pipe gallery, discover the abnormalities and failures of various equipment in the pipe gallery in time, reduce the occurrence of pipe gallery disasters and accidents, and achieve good economic benefits and Social benefits. The economic benefits are: (1) Security. Find potential accident points in time, early warning and disposal, and ensure the safety of pipeline gallery personnel and equipment. Accompanying inspections to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel. (2) Cost. Reduce pipe gallery inspection personnel and save operating costs. The robot has strong mobility and is convenient for maintenance and layout. After the robot is used for inspection, the overall combination of the pipe gallery project is optimized and the engineering investment is saved.

The social benefits brought by the project are as follows: After the project is put into operation, it will have a positive effect on improving the scientific and technological content of the pipe gallery, building a demonstration unit, enhancing the image of the unit, and leading the progress of science and technology. The promotion and application of this idea is of positive significance for improving the operation and management level of the integrated pipeline gallery and promoting the development of the industry in the direction of intelligence. It is an important manifestation of the promotion of the use of advanced technology to build smart cities.


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