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Application—Functional Design of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

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Functional Design of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Pipe Gallery

   As an effective way to solve the problems of urban underground space and pipe network, the comprehensive pipe gallery represents the inevitable direction and brand-new model of urban infrastructure development. At present, the research on the integrated pipe gallery is mainly concentrated in the planning, design and construction stages of development and utilization. However, there is less research on the later operation and management of the pipe gallery, especially the operation and management by means of electrical control technology. The infrared thermal imaging intelligent inspection robot system for the urban underground integrated pipe gallery can realize the automatic inspection of the integrated pipe gallery, realize the on-site disaster disposal of the integrated pipe gallery, and realize the intelligentization of the integrated pipe gallery by linkage with the original online monitoring system Management provides comprehensive technical support for the reliable operation of urban engineering pipelines, and is of great significance to ensure the safe and stable operation of the integrated pipeline gallery and the engineering pipelines in the integrated pipeline gallery.

   The integrated pipe gallery infrared thermal imaging intelligent inspection robot can continuously inspect the integrated pipe gallery repeatedly, and collect and store the continuous and dynamic infrared thermal imaging of the environmental data, sound and video of the integrated pipe gallery. The infrared thermal imaging inspection robot has multiple working modes such as power-on self-check, automatic sleep, and upper wake-up. The remote control terminal can control the walking speed of the robot: 0~120m/min adjustable, with self-uniform speed inspection, accurate parking detection of working position, high-speed arrival of emergency events, automatic parking warning when encountering obstacles, and tracking and detection of personnel slowing down.


Figure 1. Pipe gallery infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   The robot adopts an automatic walking suspension track design, and the inspection robot is driven by a motor to walk, and the mechanical design guarantees the frictional force requirements of the robot when climbing. At the same time, the robot has a posture analysis function and automatically adjusts its operation when encountering uphill, downhill, and turning situations. Because the robot is clamped and operated by the driving wheels on both sides of the track when it is running, they are driven by their respective motors. When the running track has uphill, downhill, and turning conditions, the robot's running speed will change. In order to ensure the monitoring quality of the inspection robot, it is hoped that the inspection robot can walk freely and steadily in any environment.

   The inspection robot also has disaster warning, infrared thermal imaging temperature recognition, flame recognition, positioning, and fixed-point fire extinguishing capabilities. When a disaster occurs at the scene, the inspection robot can send data such as the image, ambient temperature, and harmful gas content of the accident scene back to the command center, and can conduct on-site command operations or emergency evacuation through emergency intercom. The inspection robot can also rely on infrared thermal imaging technology to penetrate smoke, accurately find the location of the wounded at the scene, and provide decision-making for emergency rescue.

   The inspection robot system has a variety of application modes, which can realize flexible, diverse, fast and convenient applications, such as: routine inspection, remote inspection, special inspection, precise temperature measurement of equipment, emergency accident handling, remote monitoring and command, etc. Features. When the inspection robot finds an abnormality or its own problems, it can sound an alarm and notify the user in the form of SMS or email.


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