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Application—Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Cable Tunnel

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Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot for Cable Tunnel

   In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has been in a stage of continuous development and progress, and it has been applied to more and more industries, especially for some extremely complex and dangerous jobs. Most of them have replaced traditional cable tunnel infrared thermal imaging inspection robots. It can effectively protect the life and health of the staff, and at the same time greatly improve the quality and efficiency of the work. Through the power cable intelligent inspection system, it can effectively achieve the purpose of continuous monitoring and fire emergency treatment.

   The power cable tunnel infrared thermal imaging inspection robot adopts a track-like structure design, and the inspection robot and the fire-fighting robot have a close linkage. Inspection robots mainly carry out their work through instructions. The main way for them to receive instructions is the communication system. The issuers of instructions are mainly the remote management platform and the local central management platform. The remote management platform is composed of four parts. In order to further ensure that the intelligent robot can complete work in a complex environment, the remote management platform can notify the local central management platform by means of text messages. When the local central management platform receives the notification, it will send information to the client and the desktop controller. The way to send information is the local area network. After receiving the remote control command, the intelligent robot working in the tunnel will automatically control the motor drive and perform real-time monitoring of the tunnel. At the same time, it will send the monitoring results to the local central management platform, which can realize real-time monitoring of the tunnel. For the purpose of the environment, the operator can analyze and plan the next task of the robot after obtaining the relevant information.


Figure 1. Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot for cable tunnel.

   A certain engineering tunnel of China Southern Power Grid has adopted a cable tunnel infrared thermal imaging inspection robot for inspection. This project has become a demonstration section of the power tunnel disaster prevention and mitigation project for the visual management of the power transmission line of the China Southern Power Grid. The depth of the power tunnel is buried from 6 meters to 14 meters. The tunnel of this project has a relatively large degree of undulation, and the construction is relatively difficult. So it puts forward higher requirements for related technologies. The total length of the track required for this project is 2.088km, the number of hangers that need to be installed reaches 1,600, and the number of inspection robots and fire trucks to be installed is two, which are placed at both ends of the tunnel. And take the way of section inspection. Seven distributed charging stations and sixteen communication base stations were installed on the top of the tunnel to further free up space on both sides and below the tunnel. During the robot's inspection work, the operator can grasp the relevant data in the tunnel in real time and take effective precautions against risk factors to further ensure the safety of the tunnel construction work. This project has been obtained in China Southern Power Grid Practical application, but also obtained a more ideal effect.


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