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Application—Infrared Thermal Imaging of Inspection Robot In Power Distribution Room

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Infrared Thermal Imaging of Inspection Robot In Power Distribution Room

The distribution station is an important part of the power transmission network, and its operational stability and reliability directly affect the quality of power supply. The traditional manual inspection method of the distribution network is restricted by the quality of personnel, detection tools and environmental factors, and the quality of the inspection is often not guaranteed. With the rapid development of automatic detection technology, inspection robots with infrared thermal imaging cameras have gradually been applied in power systems. The robot is not easily affected by the environment, and can perform infrared thermal imaging detection and feedback status of the equipment in a timely manner, which can assist transportation and inspection personnel to discover hidden dangers in time and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

The substation inspection robot system should include three parts: an intelligent operation and maintenance management platform, a station control platform and a monitoring device. In the system architecture, the inspection robot should be controlled by autonomous or remote control. The intelligent operation and maintenance management platform is for all smart power distribution stations in the area, providing all monitoring data collection and analysis services; the station control platform is located in the power distribution station, Complete the collection of sensor data of all the acquisition subsystems in the station, and provide operation management services for the inspection robot; the monitoring device is arranged in the data collection terminal in the station, which is divided into power operation monitoring, environmental monitoring and security monitoring.


Figure 1. The inspection robot with infrared thermal imaging camera in the power distribution station

The inspection robot of the power distribution station can use visible light, infrared, gas and other sensors to realize the intelligent perception of equipment operation and environmental status, which can replace the manual monitoring of the electrical cabinet body, security and environment of the power distribution room, and the range can cover the power distribution room All equipment to be tested, and has the following advantages:

(1) Automation. The inspection robot adopts laser navigation technology. Based on the target task and planning path, it can plan the inspection route autonomously and realize automatic inspection, or it can be manually controlled on the operation interface.

(2) Real-time monitoring. During the inspection process, the inspection robot can immediately perform real-time infrared thermal imaging of the special parts and specific parameters of the cabinet in the distribution station according to the requirements; the inspection data after the infrared thermal imaging camera inspection is transmitted to the system background through the transmission system, and according to The specified format is stored in the database for users to read.

(3) Automatic warning. The infrared thermal imaging camera on the inspection robot can independently analyze and warn the abnormal conditions found; it can automatically record the equipment inspection status parameter information, and form a report for early warning.


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