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Application—Infrared Thermal Imaging of Substation Inspection Robot

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Infrared Thermal Imaging of Substation Inspection Robot

A power distribution station in Hohhot Power Supply Bureau is an important power supply location in the urban area of Hohhot. To ensure the operation quality of the 10 kV power supply switchgear in the station, the power distribution station is equipped with a comprehensive intelligent inspection robot system, which realizes the supervision of the health level of the equipment in the station. The infrared thermal imaging rail-hanging robot system is mainly composed of three parts, namely (1) the detector host is used to perform set tasks, monitor the status of the equipment and feed back relevant information; (2) the terminal in the station. Responsible for storing information and conducting information communication and execution feedback; (3) Remote terminal. Complete centralized monitoring and communication of equipment status information.

The infrared thermal imaging rail-hanging robot system is a robot inspection system based on a fixed track mode. Through the preset motion track, the robot can move to the area to be inspected in each power distribution cabinet, collect equipment data in each area, and transfer the data through the network Return to the monitoring background. And by carrying visible light equipment, sound collectors, and most important infrared thermal imagers and other sensors, it can automatically complete the indoor inspection tasks in the substation, and automatically archive the inspection data for query and statistics.


Figure 1. The installation of a rail inspection robot with an infrared thermal imager in a distribution station in Hohhot.

After the infrared thermal imaging rail-hanging robot system was put into operation, the efficiency of operation and maintenance inspection of regional opening and closing stations was improved. The robot has repeatedly detected the heating defect of the equipment and alarmed it in time to avoid major failures. For example, on a certain day in 2018, the thermal imaging camera of the power distribution station robot found that the temperature of the switch cabinet and the cable head rose sharply during the inspection, and analyzed and judged the overload operation of the high-voltage circuit breaker. The staff immediately dealt with the abnormal situation. Avoided losses. The use of infrared thermal imaging rail-hanging robots realizes unmanned operation and remote visual management of the coverage area, can effectively detect unsafe factors in the operation of the distribution network, and reduce the operation risk of the distribution network. The 10 kV power grid of the station has brought significant economic benefits.

The application of infrared thermal imaging rail-hanging robot has changed the original equipment management mode, which makes the abnormal event processing mode of the distribution station transition from fault inspection to state inspection, and realizes automatic centralized control, operation and inspection, and systematic storage and management of data , Provides data support for equipment life cycle management, reduces substation management costs; transforms the original passive fault handling mode of "operation and maintenance personnel find faults-report problems-defect audits-establish work orders-wait for defects" A new operation and maintenance management model for "the operation and maintenance team to actively inspect and find problems + exception declarations to establish a work order-local operation and maintenance team timely disposal-on-site acceptance and elimination of numbers", not only reduces the operation and maintenance workload, but also makes abnormal hidden dangers in the early stage Get processed.


Lijun Bai, et al. Application of Indoor Electric Inspection Robot in Intelligent Power Distribution Station. Inner Mongolia Electric Power. 38(3):67-69, 2020.


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