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Application—Infrared Thermal Imaging of Substation Inspection Robot

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Infrared Thermal Imaging of Substation Inspection Robot

A substation, as the name suggests, is a place to change the voltage. Regardless of whether it is hydropower, thermal power generation, or other forms of power generation, the voltage needs to be increased first. For long-distance transmission in the form of high voltage, when it reaches the periphery of the city, the voltage needs to be lowered again for users to use. The place where the voltage rises and falls is the substation. Due to the large energy transmission of substations, it is inevitable that there will be material losses with high heat. This loss often causes the device to overheat, causing accidents such as fires and explosions. The traditional detection scheme is mainly manual inspection, which is time-consuming and has potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a cooperative mode of inspection robots and infrared thermal imaging cameras to conduct intelligent inspections of substations.

Substation inspection robots have all-round inspection coverage functions and centralized tube control, which can significantly improve the intelligent level of substations. Establishing a management and control system and data communication through the platform can make the robot automatically trigger the inspection task, compare the information obtained by the inspection on the intelligent terminal, and make preliminary judgments and timely feedback to achieve the purpose of efficient decision-making.


Figure 1. The picture shows the substation inspection robot.

The infrared thermal imaging camera will enable the inspection robot to have a pair of bright glasses, which can promptly find and find the abnormal thermal locations in the substation. The robot reports this position information and abnormal data to the control system and the centralized management system at the same time, and the management personnel will carry out the follow-up control operations. If the abnormal data almost exceeds the set limit value, the inspection robot can immediately notify the fire-fighting robot to make an emergency, reach the rescue position as soon as possible, and implement rescue.

At present, many domestic substations have adopted inspection robots and infrared thermal imaging modes for intelligent inspection, which greatly improves inspection efficiency. In order to make the robot give full play to the advantages of automation, thermal imaging with an infrared thermal imaging camera will be more conducive to improving the inspection efficiency.


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