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Application—Integrated Management Platform for Electric Power Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

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Integrated Management Platform for Electric Power Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

   At present, my country's electric power industry is developing rapidly, electric power technology is changing with each passing day, the level of informatization continues to improve, and artificial intelligence technology has been widely used. At this stage, domestic substations with voltage levels of 220kV and below are basically unattended, and 500kV substations are under-attended. Unattended substations will continue to be popularized in the future. There are many monitoring objects in the substation, and the scope of conventional online monitoring installation is limited. Some construction difficult or dangerous areas are often difficult to monitor. Therefore, many daily operation and maintenance tasks need to be completed by manual inspection. There are a large number of equipment in the station, and it is relatively scattered, and the manual inspection workload is large, which causes the workload and pressure of the operation and maintenance personnel to be large, especially in the environment with complex working conditions such as power pipe corridors, which increases safety risks and hidden dangers.

   With the continuous expansion of the power grid, infrared thermal imaging inspection robots have been widely used in recent years, and have successively replaced many manual inspection services. Through remote data collection, the monitoring and analysis of electrical equipment and its operating conditions, including Bus temperature rise, parameters of transformer insulating oil, etc.


Figure 1. Power infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   The integrated application platform of infrared thermal imaging electric power inspection robot runs on the internal network of data management. It includes four aspects: application system, structural plan, inspection robot body with self-induction deployment function, and third-party inspection part. For the application system, it is mainly the advanced application functions of collecting data, including storage, analysis, display, command control, status judgment and so on. The infrared thermal imaging inspection robot with self-induction deployment function uses the power communication network to maintain docking, and reaches the monitoring area according to various inspection tasks and instructions, and collects information and uploads it to the collection terminal. The third-party inspection part and the external platform use standardized interfaces to construct the two-way communication between the inspection robot body and the collection terminal.

   According to the platform business functions and technical application architecture, the application functions are integrated in detail, and the technical application functions are implemented according to the physical level of the platform. The integrated management and control platform of infrared thermal imaging inspection robots realizes two-level deployment, which not only realizes localized operation requirements, but also manages the robots in the specified range in a unified manner, achieving the purpose of unified data storage and centralized management and control.

   The image recognition process is mainly as follows: first take the cabinet as a unit to take a panoramic picture, then locate each instrument on the cabinet in turn, and adjust the camera magnification and focal length (that is, secondary focus), take a large picture of the instrument to be recognized, and finally according to the instrument Type calls the corresponding image recognition algorithm to get the recognition result. In the secondary focus function, it is necessary to locate the instrument to be identified from the panoramic view according to the calibrated template to obtain the specific position and size of the instrument, so as to adjust the camera parameters to realize the shooting and subsequent identification of the large image of the instrument.


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