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Application—Main Components of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

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Main Components of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

The current tunnel infrared thermal imaging inspection robot adopts track movement, and it is equipped with high-definition cameras and infrared thermal imaging cameras. This design concept is to realize the purpose of real-time observation of the situation in the tunnel. In addition, it also has the functions of sensing harmful gases, smoke, temperature and humidity, so that users can grasp the specific conditions in the tunnel in time when using the robot, and at the same time, they can effectively control the robot through the monitoring platform. , Capable of data access, data storage and statistics. The robot also has one advantage, that is, it has the function of fire alarm linkage processing. When the inspection robot finds a fire in the tunnel, it will notify the fire extinguishing robot as soon as possible. Once the fire extinguishing intelligent robot receives the guidance, it can be in the shortest time To reach the accident site inside, effective measures are taken to solve the accident site, and the safety in the cable tunnel is further guaranteed.

In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, the cable infrared thermal imaging inspection robot also has a more intelligent and accurate algorithm. It can effectively and accurately calculate the problem in the cable tunnel. The background system of the robot is with a humanized interactive design, users can clearly view the results of the inspection in the background. At the same time, the system will also provide different solutions for unused problems in the tunnel, which is suitable for various complex environments in the tunnel.

The main components of the infrared thermal imaging inspection robot include an infrared thermal imager, a 360° video camera and a positioning module.


Figure 1. Infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

(1) Thermal imaging camera

The infrared thermal imaging inspection robot has an intelligent high-speed sphere on its body. The high-speed sphere integrates a high-definition camera and an online integrated infrared thermal imager, which can achieve multi-angle and omni-directional close-up photography.

(2) 360° video camera

The component is mainly composed of an integrated high-zoom camera and a high-performance turntable, and the device is equipped with an anti-shake camera chip. The type of infrared focal plane chip used is non-condensing type, which is a relatively advanced scientific technology. In addition, it is equipped with unique driving, processing and display technologies. The above mentioned are all to further improve the image Clarity and stability.

(3) Positioning module

The positioning module needs to be applied to the embedded position sensor, which can effectively set some special positions, including working positions and wellheads, and at the same time provide precise positioning information for the robot. The positioning accuracy is as high as 0.1 meters, except for the positions mentioned above, the positioning module of the servo motor odometer is adopted, which has a positioning accuracy of 0.5 meters. If the robot encounters a curve while moving forward, they will limit the speed according to the curve set before, and pass the curve smoothly within this range.


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