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Application—Safe Operation of Infrared Thermal Imaging of Pipeline Robot

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Safe Operation of Infrared Thermal Imaging of Pipeline Robot

The integrated pipe corridor, which integrates electric power, gas, communication and other pipelines, has become an important facility in the city and provides convenient operation for the city. However, the management of the current comprehensive pipe corridor is slightly passive. If there are safety problems, it will cause large-scale water and power outages and gas and other accidents. The hidden safety hazards of accidents are mainly fires and explosions caused by local heating. It is precisely because the pipe corridor is generally located underground, the accident occurs relatively hidden, and the environment is closed and narrow, which increases the difficulty of firefighters entering and exiting. Therefore, Shuangshi Infrared proposes to adopt innovative methods to enable the pipeline robot to cooperate with the infrared thermal imager to actively inspect to avoid accidents.

The system of the pipe inspection robot should have three parts: a motion system, a test system and a remote monitoring system. The motion system should include a variety of motion schemes including wheeled and rail-mounted. The test system should have an infrared camera, high-definition camera, and various sensors. The remote monitoring system should have the capability of wireless transmission. During the inspection process, the robot automatically transmits the inspection information to the background, performs big data processing and analysis, determines possible fire points and potential safety hazards, and proposes prevention plans. Before the open fire occurs, the robot takes the initiative to give early warning, and the fire-fighting robot is ready to extinguish the fire, ready to extinguish the fire at any time. In the aftertreatment stage, in order to avoid the accumulation of toxic and harmful gases to the personal injury, the robot can be arranged to conduct an accident aftercare inspection, and the entire corridor is detected to be in a safe state before personnel enters to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


Figure 1. Inspection robot for comprehensive pipe corridor

When the equipment (such as cable joints) in the pipe corridor fails, the inspection robot detects the abnormal high temperature phenomenon at the fault location through the thermal imaging camera. When the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the inspection robot system starts the emergency mode and issues an alarm. When the firefighting robot receives the emergency mode start instruction, it arrives near the equipment failure in advance. Once the failure situation is out of control and a major accident such as a fire occurs, the fire-fighting robot will extinguish the fire at the fastest speed to minimize the loss of the accident.

When a fire occurs, the inspection robot combines infrared temperature measurement, gas detection, smoke detection, and image recognition technology to accurately locate the location of the fire, determine the fire situation, and send an alarm to the background system to notify the operation and maintenance personnel. At the same time, the nearest firefighting robot will receive the fire information, and rush to the fire scene as soon as possible to extinguish the fire through precise positioning. Cooperate with the high-definition camera and infrared thermal imager equipment of the inspection robot to carry out precise fire fighting.


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