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Application Solution-Infrared Thermal Imager Detecting Wind Turbines

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Infrared thermal imaging camera detects wind turbines

Collecting energy from the wind through wind turbines is one of the most common forms of renewable energy. For this reason, new wind turbines need to be installed all over the world every year, and all these wind turbines must be monitored and maintained.


The picture shows the wind turbine

Wind turbines contain many different electrical and mechanical components. Like all other equipment, these components are subject to wear and damage to the equipment. Not only can this cause costly downtime, it can also lead to dangerous accidents. The common cause of these accidents is a failure of the brake mechanism or gearbox. The gearbox and brake prevent the blade from rotating too fast. If any of these components fail, the rotation of the turbine will exceed many times the normal speed, which will cause the load on the blade to far exceed its design load. In this case, the tip of the rotor blade may travel at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour. When a blade or a blade suddenly detaches from the rotor, it will have huge kinetic energy and momentum because it is thrown away, causing a huge life threat to nearby vehicles or pedestrians. It has now been found that large pieces of broken blades thrown away are hundreds of meters or more away from their turbines.


The picture shows the infrared thermal image of the wind turbine taken from the ground

Thermal imaging cameras can play an important role in the predictive maintenance plan of wind turbines. Detection with an infrared camera can prevent such accidents. For electrical and mechanical components, they will first heat up before a failure occurs, and the infrared camera can detect the increase in temperature.


The picture shows the infrared thermal imaging transmission investigation of the wind turbine

Infrared cameras can also accurately inform other components that cause problems, and are reliable, fast, and efficient. For example, thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect signs of wear on bearings, shafts, gears and brakes, helping professionals repair or replace components before they fail. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used to check electrical components, such as transformers, connectors, controller yaw motors, etc.


The picture shows the infrared camera used to scan the entire system around the wind turbine

Due to its ergonomic design, wind turbine maintenance personnel worldwide rely on thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging cameras will be the only technology that allows inspection of all electrical and mechanical components of wind turbines and surrounding electrical systems.


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