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Application Solution-Infrared thermal imaging camera facilitates inspection of inspection robots in power plants

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Infrared thermal imaging cameras facilitate inspection of inspection robots in power plants

With the continuous development of urban construction and the increasing construction of power plants, power plants have become the super artery of the city. However, due to the problems of long-term construction, insufficient construction scale, and low operating efficiency, some prominent problems in some power plants, comprehensive pipe corridors and other plant areas have become more serious, and it is relatively difficult to maintain, which has seriously affected the operation order of the plant area and the people’s life safety.


The picture shows the main outstanding problems of the power plant

The general equipment in the plant area has a high security level, a variety of equipment types, and a complicated pipeline structure, which makes it difficult to collect information. The robot can use computer technology, image engineering technology, infrared thermal imaging technology, intelligent imaging and other technological fusion to intelligently identify various types of equipment defects in the power plant and analyze various types of images in depth to realize the real-time detection of defects and early warning and analysis. The inspection robot using infrared thermal imaging technology can save a lot of labor and labor costs, and solve the personal safety problems of high temperature and high pressure and high hazard source environment.


The picture shows a patrol robot equipped with an infrared camera in a power plant

The built-in infrared thermal imaging system can measure the temperature of the joints of switches and busbar devices, and can carry out infrared general measurement (surface) and accurate temperature measurement (points) of the equipment. Through intelligent analysis and recognition system, data collection, upload, report, trend , Alarm and other functions. Combined with image recognition technology, it can automatically identify, upload, automatically generate reports and trend curves of the pointer meter, digital display meter, lightning arrester action times, electrical switch and valve position in the inspection area, and judge that the alarm has successfully achieved the inspection of the unit. Unmanned and intelligent.


The picture shows the intelligent inspection robot of the coal corridor of a power plant

The intelligent inspection robot of the power plant coal transportation corridor carries on-line monitoring of the pipeline corridor in real time by carrying various data collection equipment. When the equipment (such as cable joints) in the pipe corridor fails, the inspection robot detects the abnormal high temperature phenomenon at the fault location through the infrared thermal imager. When the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the inspection robot system starts the emergency mode and issues an alarm.


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