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Application Solution-Wisdom Inspection + Infrared Thermal Imager Responds to the State Council's latest "Safety of Dangerous Chemicals"

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Smart inspection + infrared camera responds to the latest State Council's "Dangerous Chemicals Safety" opinion

In February 2020, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the Safe Production of Dangerous Chemicals." This is the first time in China’s history that a specific opinion has been put forward in the field of hazardous chemicals production, which fully reflects the Party’s central importance to this industry, and the State Council held a press conference on April 28, proposing to produce hazardous chemicals. , Industrial parks and hazardous waste treatment for special treatment.

With the rapid development of the chemical industry, the problems of low efficiency, poor timeliness, narrow coverage, and susceptibility of subjective factors to traditional manual inspection methods are becoming increasingly prominent. The equipment in the hazardous chemical industry is flammable, explosive, and easy to cause environmental pollution. Once an abnormal situation occurs, if it is not discovered and properly handled in time, it will not only cause significant losses to the enterprise, but also cause the lives and property safety of the surrounding people and the ecological environment. Threat. After the accident, rescuers are still unable to perform rescue operations in the face of complex environments such as high temperatures, poisonous and explosive conditions.


The picture shows an accident in a petrochemical company

In response to the State Council's Special Opinion on "Safety of Dangerous Chemicals", a plan for intelligent inspection was proposed. This solution incorporates key technologies such as advanced navigation and positioning, infrared thermal imaging, wireless communication, multi-sensor fusion, and energy supply. It can replace the inspection personnel to inspect the equipment and environment of the station, which can effectively reduce the labor of the staff. Strength, reduce the hidden safety hazards in the inspection process, improve the inspection quality, and maximize the intrinsic safety level of petrochemical enterprises.


The picture shows the smart inspection + infrared camera

Combined with the intelligent inspection of the infrared thermal imager, it can more accurately detect the running and dripping of flammable and explosive gases, and can realize the identification, analysis, and judgment of the temperature status of equipment, pipelines, and key components, and can carry out high and low temperatures. Abnormal alarm in time. At the same time, the use of temperature thermography features, through different time nodes, to detect the temperature trend of key components. In case of any abnormal production of the enterprises in the park, respond immediately and carry out rescue and emergency in a timely manner to ensure that the accident is contained in the germination stage.


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