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Application—The Inevitable Trend of Substation Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

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The Inevitable Trend of Substation Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot

   Changzhi Substation is located in Tunliu County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, about 10 miles northwest of the county seat. It is connected to Yushe Switch Station, Lucheng Switch Station, and Tanshan Power Plant. It is the first substation in Changzhi Power Grid. It was completed and put into operation. The closed loop operation of the southeast power grid of Shanxi Province and the South Hebei power grid has been achieved, and the Shanxi power grid has been connected to the UHV power grid, creating conditions for large-capacity power transmission to Central and East China. The station area is large and the operating environment is complex. Due to the wide range of inspections and heavy tasks, manual inspections and auxiliary inspections are used, which simply rely on the senses and experience of inspectors. It is difficult to achieve comprehensive and accurate inspections. When patrolling, it is easy to focus on scanning magnetic cards and neglect to carefully inspect the equipment, which brings hidden dangers to the safe operation of equipment and power grids. At present, infrared thermal imaging inspection robots have been used to assist operators in patrolling the equipment, further avoiding the above hidden dangers and performing reliable inspections on the equipment.

   Infrared thermal imaging inspection robots for substations are mainly used in outdoor substations to assist on-site inspectors to perform inspections. The robot system can directly carry infrared thermal imaging cameras, visible light and other related advanced substation equipment field detection devices, and at the same time, according to the task operation of the operator at the base station or pre-set tasks, to assist the operator to realize and complete the outdoor substation field equipment Image inspection and infrared detection of primary equipment, etc., and comprehensively record equipment information and save and feedback accordingly. In view of the situation on the site, it provides timely abnormal alarms and provides relatively complete power equipment data reports to facilitate substation operators to diagnose equipment safety hazards and perform fault analysis.


Figure 1. Power infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   With the rapid development of mobile robot technology today, the use of infrared thermal imaging inspection robots to partially or completely replace manual inspections has become an inevitable trend in the development of new technologies for future substation operation. Using the substation infrared thermal imaging inspection robot can well and accurately complete the inspection of the substation equipment, and at the same time provide the staff with a more comprehensive equipment working status through data analysis; the predictability of the equipment can also be improved by analyzing and recording historical curves. The condition of equipment maintenance or condition assessment to provide more effective data support, thus directly reducing the occurrence of accidents.

   Based on the above analysis, it is not difficult to find that using the substation infrared thermal imaging inspection robot to complete the inspection of the substation equipment can enable the on-site operators to remotely control the inspection robot to remotely live the equipment, so that the safety and reliability of the inspection work are of quality At the same time, it provides innovative technical testing and on-site inspection methods for the promotion and application of intelligent unattended substations, and improves the reliable and stable operation of substation field equipment and the power grid.


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