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Carry Out The Three Stages of The Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot To Inspect The Transmission Line

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Carry Out The Three Stages of The Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection Robot To Inspect The Transmission Line

   High-voltage transmission lines are affected by the natural environment, human factors and operating conditions, equipment defects, and aging. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the line to ensure safe operation. More and more attention has been paid to patrol, repair, increase and remove lines of overhead high-voltage power supply lines without power failure.

   On the basis of real-time data monitoring of transmission lines, promote intelligent robot inspection, helicopter inspection, drone inspection and other technologies equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras, and develop a transmission line intelligent inspection system platform. It is used for line survey and line-to-ground safety distance monitoring to achieve the purpose of line selection, establishment of line microcomputer account and prevention of tree branches from hitting the line; conduct large-scale rapid inspection and partial detailed inspection of line faults, and quickly determine the fault point. The location, nature and severity of the fault provide a reliable decision-making basis for the organization and command of emergency repairs and emergency rescues. Realize the functions of automatic positioning, tracking, digital recording of the entire inspection process, and online intelligent fault diagnosis for inspection equipment, which can effectively support the controllable, controllable and in-control of the operating state of the transmission line. Intelligent inspection of transmission lines is beneficial to improve the safety of transmission lines, the economy of power supply, and the reliability of power supply.


Figure 1. Transmission line infrared thermal imaging inspection robot.

   Therefore, from the early stage, a three-phase implementation plan for the key project of intelligent inspection of transmission lines was proposed:

   The first stage: carry out the pilot project of intelligent inspection of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and robots equipped with thermal imaging cameras. Research the key technologies of advanced and efficient transmission line intelligent inspection, develop intelligent line inspection system, improve the automation level and safety, economy and intelligence level of inspection, and reduce inspection cost. Through the application of pilot projects, accumulated experience for the wider promotion of intelligent line inspection.

   The second stage: Realize helicopter or UAV intelligent infrared thermal imaging inspection for UHV lines, long-distance transmission lines across regions, and areas where manual inspection is difficult. Complete the collection of basic data for intelligent patrol of 220 kV and above transmission lines. Research on intelligent inspection technology such as automatic location technology and recording of transmission line defects.

   The third stage: Fully realize the industrialization and practicality of the inspection and visual monitoring system. Intelligent infrared thermal imaging inspection for important transmission lines of 220 kV and above, remote mountainous areas, ultra-high towers and other areas where manual inspection is difficult. Realize all-weather visual monitoring of key areas, key poles and towers that are difficult to reach. Application equipment, such as infrared thermal imaging camera, automatic distance meter, wire broken strand detector, pollution degree measuring instrument and other intelligent inspection equipment; application of transmission line defect automatic location technology and recording intelligent inspection technology. Realize the combination of the transmission line inspection device and the transmission line production management and state maintenance auxiliary decision-making system, and realize the information management of the transmission line according to the experimental data and equipment parameters.


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