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Infrared Thermal Imager to Detect Coal Yards and Mines

My country is a major coal-producing country. Coal accounts for about 70% of my country's primary energy consumption and occupies an extremely important position in my country's economic and social development. However, the total number of deaths in coal mines in my country is three times that of other coal-producing countries in the world. Faced with such a severe situation, it is necessary for the Shuangshi Infrared to take any possible measures to protect the life safety of miners.


The picture shows the internal mine below

There are many high-power electrical equipment, large hydraulic pump stations, substations, industrial solutions and steam pipelines, repetitive bearings, winches, etc. in the coal yard. These equipment will generate high temperatures after long-term operation, which will lead to equipment damage and pipeline leakage. These high-temperature phenomena that easily cause damage to the device are difficult to observe with the naked eye, and the use of an infrared thermal imager can intuitively show the overall heating of the device. If the equipment generates excessively high temperature, the thermal imaging camera can immediately find and issue an alarm to notify the relevant staff to take timely remedial measures to avoid further overheating damage to the equipment. Infrared thermal imaging camera is a non-contact temperature measurement method, which does not affect the operation of the machine, but also ensures the personal safety of the personnel operating the equipment.


The picture shows the infrared thermal imaging of the device

In addition, among the five major disasters in coal mines (floods, fires, gas, dust and roof fall), roof fall and water penetration are more hazardous safety accidents. Once the permeation accident occurs in the coal mine, it will not only cause casualties, but also cause the production operation of the underground to be interrupted, and the resulting direct and indirect economic losses are huge.


The picture shows the infrared thermal imaging of the roof

Infrared thermal imaging camera is used to directly detect the infrared thermal image, which can quickly check the temperature change of the coal wall surface without visible light, and analyze the temperature field to find the highest or lowest temperature point. This detection method is especially suitable for closed walls and coal seam sections. The change trend of surface temperature can provide a basis for judging whether large-scale seepage and permeation occur.


The picture shows infrared thermal imaging during search and rescue

Even after a mine disaster, the light source may be lost downhole, and there are problems such as heavy smoke and coal dust coverage, which prevents the rescuers from finding the person in distress. At this time, search and rescue personnel can carry a portable infrared thermal imager to quickly locate the exact position of the victims in a long distance by detecting the difference between the injured person and the surrounding temperature and thermal management, forming an intuitive infrared thermal image.


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