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Quarantine of Infrared Thermal Imager in Customs

In recent years, from SARS, H1N1 influenza, H7N9 avian influenza, Ebola virus, to a new type of coronavirus with more than 10 million outbreaks worldwide, all have seriously affected people's lives and even threatened the safety of human life. How to effectively control the spread of epidemics has become a hot topic in the world, and even the top magazine "Nature" has continuously updated such news on the homepage for several months. To reduce the damage caused by the spread of the epidemic to humans, we must first effectively prevent its spread and spread. Various countries have issued a number of restrictive regulations for entry and exit abroad, in order to prevent the spread of the spread of the virus by people infected abroad. Therefore, the emphasis on preventing foreign imports is placed on the first line of defense at the national gate—customs.

This time the country attaches great importance to it, and it is stricter than any other period. It requires all foreigners in any region of any country to enter the country to undergo all aspects of inspection. The installation of a human body temperature measuring infrared thermal imager at the customs entry and exit can quickly and effectively detect fevered passengers, and diagnose, investigate, and isolate potential outbreaks as soon as possible, reducing the probability of the spread of the outbreak. Effective human body temperature measurement has become the key to virus infection detection. With the characteristics of non-contact, real-time and accurate temperature measurement, infrared thermal imaging cameras have become the main force of this detection tool.


The picture shows the gate-type intelligent human body temperature measurement system

If the traditional thermometer is used for large-scale human body temperature measurement, even if the thermometer is used for the fastest temperature measurement, it takes 2-3 minutes/person. If an infrared point thermometer is used, it needs to be measured close to the forehead of the person being tested. Generally, the temperature measurement also needs 4-5 seconds per person, which is obviously unrealistic.

The infrared thermal imager independently developed by Double View Infrared can quietly check when foreign personnel enter, and it can quickly measure the temperature without hindering the normal activities of the personnel. When a person with high temperature is found, the thermal imaging camera will prompt an alarm and notify the relevant medical staff to immediately review the person with high temperature separately, and then take disinfection, isolation and other management measures for the suspected patient.


The picture shows the rapid temperature measurement of passengers

The thermal imaging camera uses the principle of non-contact infrared temperature measurement, which can obtain infrared images and temperature information of objects from a long distance without disturbing the inspected person. Different temperatures are distinguished by color in the thermal image, and the accuracy of temperature measurement is up to ±0.3 ℃, the measurement accuracy in a constant environment is higher, and the temperature resolution is as high as 0.04 ℃. (Refer to the product center for details)

For people with large flow, dual-view infrared thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermal imaging products are the only choice, and a better choice, which can meet the needs of various human detection in various occasions. At present, the dual-view infrared thermal imaging camera series products have been used in customs immigration offices such as Shanghai Baoshan Port, Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port, Shanghai Pudong International Airport.


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