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Dual Infrared Provides Infrared Temperature Measurement Guarantee for Free Blood Donation Activities in Wanlun Science and Technology Park

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Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the amount of blood collected in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province has dropped year-on-year, which has caused a blood emergency in the urban area. Therefore, the Zhejiang Wanlun Science and Technology Park Party Committee, the United Labor Union, and the Zhejiang Yushi Party Committee, the Labor Union, and the campus university students’ joint party branch jointly launched the "Donation of Blood to Fight the'Pandemic' and Escort for Life" free blood donation activities. This event received a positive response from the companies and employees of the Science and Technology Park, and they adopted practical actions to fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations.

Due to the large number of people participating in the blood donation event, Zhejiang Shuangshi Infrared Technology Co., Ltd., a company in the park, specially provided intelligent infrared thermal imaging equipment. The device can perform non-contact human body temperature measurement for all employees who come to donate blood and display it in real time. An alarm will be triggered for persons with abnormal body temperature, and only those who are normal can enter the venue for the following procedures such as scanning code filling, physical examination, preliminary screening and blood sampling. In order to ensure the safety of the blood collection process, the blood collection link is arranged on the blood collection vehicle, and other links are completed in the lobby on the first floor of Building 3.


Figure 1. On-site infrared thermal imager human body temperature measurement equipment.

The blood donation activity started orderly from 7 in the morning. Three blood collection carts from the Provincial Blood Center drove into the park. The staff quickly and orderly placed the infrared thermal imaging cameras. The volunteers put on the red vests and started Provide consulting services such as scanning codes and filling forms for caring people who come to donate blood one after another. As of 15:00, a total of 378 caring people from 14 party (general) branches, 30 trade union organizations, and many enterprises in the park participated in the blood donation. A total of 319 people successfully donated blood. The blood donation rate reached 84.39%, and the blood donation amount was as high as 107360ML. The amount of blood donation increased by 195.84% compared with last year. Among them, 192 people successfully donated 400ML of blood. All the data set a record in 10,000 rounds of blood donation activities.


Figure 2. Activity silhouette.

As an excellent organizer of "I Donate Blood for July 1st" in Hangzhou, Wanlun Science and Technology Park has organized voluntary blood donation activities for six consecutive years, donating a total of 308370ML of healthy blood to save the wounded and sick. This fully demonstrates the continuous improvement of the awareness of voluntary blood donation among young people with lofty ideals in Wanlun Science and Technology Park, and also fully demonstrates the noble feelings and spirit of Wanlun Science and Technology Park and enterprises in the park to assume social responsibility and are enthusiastic about public welfare.

This event was strongly supported by the District Red Cross, the two new working committees of Xixing Street, and the Federation of Trade Unions; and the Bank of Hangzhou Binjiang Sub-branch, Hangzhou United Bank Xixing Sub-branch, Tailong Bank Binjiang Sub-branch, Hangzhou Mingxian Technology Co., Ltd. (one Ming breakfast), the friendly sponsorship of the park's Abe Catering, Dingxiang Catering and other caring companies.


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