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Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology Issued A Letter of Appreciation To The Company's Shuangshi Infrared

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Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology Issued A Letter of Appreciation To The Company's Shuangshi Infrared

   On November 4th, the Forest Department, Li Fanghao, and relevant persons in charge of the Binjiang District Economic and Information Bureau of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology visited Zhejiang Shuangshi Infrared Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shuangshi Infrared) for investigation and investigation, and made a special trip for For the contribution of Shuangshi infrared in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, a letter of appreciation signed by the Production Material Guarantee Group of the Hangzhou Prevention and Control Material Leading Group and stamped by the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau was issued.


Figure 1. Introduce the overview of infrared thermal imaging products.

   In the exhibition hall, the chairman introduced the infrared human body temperature screening system that played a huge role in the prevention and control of the epidemic to the leaders in detail. This system is independently developed and produced by Dual Vision Infrared, and uses advanced high-end detectors to accurately identify detailed temperature data of multiple human bodies. The system can measure the temperature in time without the pedestrian taking off the mask during detection. It has the advantages of non-contact, real-time, and continuous temperature measurement, which can effectively prevent people from staying and prevent cross-infection.


Figure 2. Introducing infrared thermal imaging products.

   The new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a huge impact on people's production and life and economic and social development. In this battle without gunpowder, dual vision infrared responded to the call, tapped the potential to expand production, obeyed the dispatch, and made outstanding contributions to the city's victory in the epidemic prevention and control war. The series of Shuangshi Infrared thermal imaging products have played an indelible role in this. Shuangshi Infrared resolutely implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on epidemic prevention and control, earnestly implements provincial and municipal decisions and deployments, we work together through storms and storms, build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and promote the implementation of zoning, accurate resumption of work and production. The firm figure of Shuangshi Infrared working overtime and fighting on the epidemic prevention material production line demonstrates the corporate responsibility and sense of responsibility of "watching and helping each other and overcoming difficulties together".


Figure 3. Thank you letter.

   In the post-epidemic era, Shuangshi Infrared will always focus on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, keeping in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ardent exhortation of Zhejiang to create an "important window", working together and forging ahead, transforming the spirit of great protest into advancing me The powerful driving force behind the city’s economic recovery after the epidemic has jointly written a new chapter in the high-quality development of Hangzhou in the new era.


Figure 4. Thank you letter.


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