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Human Body Temperature Measurement System in Hospital During Epidemic Period

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Human Body Temperature Measurement System in Hospital During Epidemic Period

   After novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia) (COVID-19) outbreak, the major hospitals responded positively to the call of the Party Central Committee, the party committees and the relevant government departments, and set up a new leading group and working group for the prevention and control of epidemic diseases in accordance with the first level response requirements of public health emergencies. All efforts should be made to prevent and control the epidemic situation.

   Infrared thermography was set up in outpatient and emergency department to reduce the workload of manual temperature measurement. In order to prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia, the hospital gateway is moved forward, and the body temperature monitoring post is set up at the entrance of the hospital. The infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement is used as the first line of defense for the fever screening personnel in the hospital. Infrared imaging human body temperature measurement is different from manual hand-held thermometer, which can directly and accurately display the real-time temperature of personnel entering the hospital. If the body temperature is too high, it will automatically alarm and take a screenshot, which is convenient for the monitoring personnel to quickly find out the hyperthermia personnel, and the detection efficiency is relatively high. It not only helps to reduce the workload of manual temperature measurement, but also relieves the phenomenon of personnel queuing and gathering, which is also a kind of protection for medical staff. If the patient's temperature display alarm, the second body temperature measurement will be conducted under the guidance of medical staff to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement data.

   Epidemiological screening is an effective way to quickly find and identify suspected cases in a large number of people. In view of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the hospital has developed a highly effective linkage screening mechanism, forming three screening "checkpoints" and finding suspected cases early. The first "checkpoint" is set up in the hospital population, where there are two-dimensional flow adjustment codes posted. Hospital staff guide patients to conduct intelligent screening and measure their body temperature. The pre examiners will carefully confirm whether the patient has an epidemiological contact history and send them to the fever clinic as soon as possible. If there is no epidemiological contact history, they will directly enter the second "checkpoint" - triage station. Second epidemiological screening will be conducted by medical staff of triage station to avoid omission; the third "checkpoint" is set at the doctor's office, and the doctor will screen out the personnel who conceal or ignore their own epidemiological contact history by using their interrogation skills, combined with clinical symptoms and laboratory tests.


Figure 1. Infrared thermography for human body temperature measurement in hospital.

   At the same time, the hospital has rapidly increased the number of fever clinic rooms, and the information department needs to complete the information construction of fever clinic. In terms of hardware, we should do a good job in the deployment of infrastructure such as fever clinic outlets, computers and printer terminals; in terms of software, we should quickly install the relevant software of fever outpatient system. Due to the high protection requirements of fever clinic, it is very cumbersome to wear protective equipment when going in and out. In order to facilitate expert consultation, the information department immediately deployed 5g environment in fever clinic to support experts to conduct remote consultation through 5g channel. Experts were online in shifts 24 hours a day to provide expert consultation support at any time.

   In order to deal with the new epidemic situation, the Information Department of the hospital quickly opened the outpatient appointment service by time. Time division appointment can stagger the arrival time of patients and reduce the flow of patients waiting for treatment, which also helps to control the spread of the epidemic to a certain extent. The specific way is to make appointment through the official account registration system of WeChat public number. According to their needs, select information such as departments, time, experts, etc., and click OK after completion.


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