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"Modern History" of Rotary Kiln Temperature Monitoring Equipment

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The rotary kiln is an indispensable part of the modern industrial factory. It is an irreplaceable and important equipment in metallurgy, chemical catalysts, abrasives and other industries. So once the rotary kiln is damaged and needs to be repaired, the entire plant must stop working. This shows how important it is to ensure the safety of the rotary kiln. In many modern factories, the temperature monitoring of rotary kilns still stays in the traditional temperature measurement. Today, dual-view infrared will take you to take a look at many rotary kiln temperature monitoring devices that have been used even a long time ago:

Rotary kiln temperature monitoring equipment: manual temperature measurement

In Shanghai around 1920, China’s first rotary kiln was born and used in cement plants, because the industry was not as developed as it was now. After the rotary kiln was completed, manpower was used to monitor the temperature of the rotary kiln. Only experienced workers can have more experience. Judging whether the rotary kiln is overheated or damaged, the disadvantage of manual monitoring is of course obvious, because the naked eye can not see the overheated part of the rotary kiln. Basically, the problem will only be found if there is a problem with the rotary kiln, and it cannot be prevented in advance.


Rotary kiln temperature monitoring equipment: point gun temperature measurement

When the spot temperature gun began to be popularized in China's industry, the spot temperature gun was also used in the temperature monitoring of the rotary kiln. The manual handheld equipment intensively measured the high-prone areas of the rotary kiln body that were prone to problems, and then recorded it. Of course, the effect is much better than the artificial naked eye, but there are still great limitations, because it is a point temperature measurement, the three centimeters to the left and the three centimeters to the right are completely different temperatures, and the actual effect is not very ideal.


Rotary kiln temperature monitoring equipment: kiln carcass scanner

This device can be said to be an upgraded version of the spot temperature gun. The spot temperature gun monitors the temperature by points. The scanner is similarly the same, but the kiln carcass scanner is linear scanning, and then stitching, the scanned lines are stitched in Together, it is a complete picture and requires professional training before it can be used. The effect is as follows:


There are still many manufacturers using this device until today, but its disadvantages are gradually becoming obvious today: the cost is expensive, the life is short, and hundreds of thousands of devices may be broken if not used for half a year. And it is impossible to display the monitor screen.

Rotary kiln temperature monitoring equipment: infrared camera

Until recent years, explosion-proof infrared thermal imaging cameras have gradually emerged among similar monitoring equipment:


Advantages of explosion-proof infrared camera

Accuracy of explosion-proof infrared camera:

The dual-view explosion-proof infrared thermal imager uses thermal image display. The monitoring accuracy can be monitored for each refractory brick and can be displayed in high resolution; the accuracy of temperature monitoring is accurate to ±5° real-time monitoring.

The stability of explosion-proof infrared camera:

360° monitoring preset temperature measurement area, 24 hours uninterrupted work, can work stably and normally in low visibility: dust, smoke, high temperature. Humanized operation without professional training

Safety of explosion-proof infrared camera:

The thermal imaging camera is not just for monitoring. When the temperature of the detection area exceeds the preset temperature of the system, the system can link the fire fighting equipment to work, and will immediately sound and light alarm, and at the same time will send SMS mail, etc., to the system to book Person in charge; historical data can be recorded when matched with the backstage and backstage of Shuangshi, the data can be uploaded to the cloud, and the historical data of peers can be compared to prevent prematurely during the high risk period.

The following is the actual scene application of dual-view infrared:


(Do the final commissioning after the installation of the shuangshi infrared device)

Dual-view infrared actual monitoring effect, real-time display of current temperature:



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