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Thermal Imaging Cameras Monitor The Pit To Prevent Fires

Since the promulgation of the "Law on the Prevention of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes" in 1996, the domestic management and regulation of hazardous waste disposal has been continuously strengthened. Today, the hazardous waste industry is developing rapidly. In February 2020, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council were the first time in China's history that they specifically put forward opinions on the production of hazardous chemicals, which fully embodies the Party Central Committee's high regard for this industry, and within four months. On the 28th, the antique press conference of the State Council proposed a special treatment for the production of hazardous chemicals, industrial parks and hazardous waste disposal.


The picture shows the opinions and guidelines issued by the country in recent years


The picture shows the policies issued by the country in recent years

With the rapid development of the chemical industry, the potential safety hazards are also expanding. The volume and area of the development pit are getting larger and larger, and there are more and more types of hazardous waste, and the frequency of explosion and combustion is also more and more alternating. In general, equipment in the hazardous chemical industry is flammable and explosive, which is easy to cause the environment Pollution and other characteristics, if an abnormal situation is not discovered and properly handled in a timely manner, but does not cause significant losses to the enterprise, it will threaten the safety of life and property of the surrounding people and the ecological environment. After the accident, in the face of high temperatures, toxic, explosive and other complex environments, rescuers are still difficult to rescue.


The picture shows more and more solid waste output value

Shuangshi Infrared has in-depth understanding of such accidents and hazards. In view of the flammable and explosive characteristics of the pit, the pit fire protection system has been specially developed, and the following three functions are proposed:

1. Infrared thermal imaging technology eliminates danger in the bud

Shuangshi Infrared uses the principle of infrared thermal imaging to develop corresponding infrared thermal imager products to monitor the material pit. When the dangerous goods are faulty and heated, an alarm is issued to remind the operator to dissipate heat in the heat dissipation area.



2. Firefighting linkage makes "safety" safer

The Shuangshi Infrared material pit fire protection system, after the material pit exceeds the predetermined temperature, can be alarmed through the network, mail, SMS, sound and light, and can also be linked with other fire equipment.


3. Afterwards analysis, big data prevents danger from recurring

After an unavoidable or rapid combustion or explosion occurs, you can view the relevant recordings and data of the occurrence of danger in the "Shuangshi Infrared Firepit Fire Protection System" to diagnose the cause of the accident and controllable prevention.



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