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Infrared Thermal Imager to Prevent Port Fire

Since China joined the World Trade Organization, my country's port container throughput has continued to increase. This large-scale growth and the effects of severe weather in recent years have caused great problems for pilotage. Moreover, there are more and more ships entering the port, and the floating objects in the channel are also increasing year by year. With the improvement of the channel, the port route has become more and more complicated. The resulting problem is the occurrence of ship collisions and other accidents. Fire and other dangers.


The picture shows the city port

In order to cope with the above-mentioned pain points, the traditional visible light monitoring is far from meeting the current needs. Compared with the traditional visible light camera monitoring, the infrared camera does not require any lighting equipment. They can be clearly imaged by the infrared heat radiated by the object itself, and are not affected by strong light, and they can clearly detect hidden heat-bearing targets during the day and night.


The picture shows the city port

Infrared thermal imaging products have the following functions:

1) Advanced detector technology

    Using the latest generation of uncooled infrared focal plane detector (ferroelectric vanadium oxide mixed process), the thermal sensitivity is up to 50mK, and the temperature difference resolution is stronger. Under the same conditions, subtle changes in temperature can be detected. The pixel size of the detector is 420×315, which is clearer than the detector of the same level with a thermal image.

2) Unique temperature measurement algorithm

   Based on the design of infrared thermal imaging micro-measurement thermometer, the proprietary temperature measurement correction algorithm automatically corrects the relevant parameters to achieve real-time accurate temperature measurement around the clock. Real-time temperature measurement, response time is less than 30 milliseconds, conventional measurement accuracy exceeds national standards (± 2 ℃ or ± 2% greater), measuring human body temperature, accuracy ≤ 0.3 ℃. Suspicious people or animals can be accurately found based on temperature differences. Use monitoring technology to scan and supplement the navigation channel to effectively and timely identify floating objects on the navigation channel.

3) High-performance temperature measurement function

   Built-in advanced temperature measurement processing mechanism, real-time thermal imaging front-end temperature measurement and temperature measurement digital video OSD superposition, through regular surveillance video network, high-temperature real-time online acquisition of smooth video thermal images and key temperature measurement value measurement accuracy and fast response speed Set the temperature measurement point and temperature measurement area on the thermal image (support up to 8 temperature measurement areas), automatically detect and display the temperature: point temperature measurement (mouse temperature measurement)-area temperature measurement-full screen temperature measurement (area and full screen ) The default is the highest temperature position and temperature value. The lowest temperature position and temperature value can be customized according to needs. The highest temperature and the full screen highest temperature are automatically tracked. You can measure the temperature as needed and determine if there are any hidden dangers, such as fire.


The picture shows the urban port under infrared thermal imaging

4) Temperature alarm linkage

   Various temperature alarm conditions can be set: over temperature warning-over temperature alarm-temperature change trend alarm-temperature difference alarm (maximum temperature and average temperature difference alarm). The device can independently realize the offline temperature measurement alarm function, and support the temperature measurement alarm linkage output. Support third-party platforms to obtain temperature alarm information (such as ONVIF extension protocol).

5) Unique image processing technology

   Multiple pseudo-color image modes and image enhancement DVE function, the image is smooth and no noise, and has strong adaptability. According to the temperature difference characteristics of different scenes, it can provide a variety of unique image adjustment algorithm modes, such as indoor-outdoor-heaven-earth-sea-sky-linear and custom modes adjusted according to the user scene, easy to identify camouflage and hidden targets. The real-time occupancy of channels and berths can be monitored by visible light + thermal imaging binocular imaging technology. When the visibility is not less than 500 meters, effective monitoring can be met.


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