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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Detects The Power Industry

The main function of the transmission and transformation network is to transmit electrical energy. There are hundreds of interweaved transmission and transformation sites in the power system. Active power flow, reactive power flow, high-order harmonics, and negative sequence current are spread throughout the system. It can not only transmit large amounts of electrical energy, create great wealth, but also cause major catastrophic accidents in an instant. As the transmission grid infrastructure ages, the risks of power outages and continued low voltage are increasing. For example, transformer fluid leakage or internal insulation failure can cause equipment to overheat, which can cause failure.


Infrared detection technology can be used to prevent the heating faults of substation operation equipment. Infrared detection technology is the most effective scientific technology in the fault detection of heating equipment in substations. Infrared thermal imaging detection equipment can realize online monitoring of heating equipment.


The detection method is that when the substation running equipment heats up, it will generate infrared heating. The infrared thermal imager will sense and collect the heating information, and display the heating device on the fluorescent screen to show the operating status of the substation equipment. The abnormality of the equipment will be notified in the form of an alarm. The application of infrared imaging technology can greatly save maintenance costs.


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