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SUANGSI SV-T43D Series Dual Spectrum Spherical Thermal Imager

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SUANGSI SV-T43D series thermal imager integrates visible and thermal imaging, supports horizontal and vertical cruise scanning, and it is a non-contact, real-time, continuous accurate temperature measurement device. Through the installed software system, the temperature measurement object's informationcan can be visualized.





PTZ function

- Low-power high-precision Pan&Tilt, preset point accuracy <0.05°

- 360° continuous rotation without blind spots

- 256 preset points, 6 cruise paths, each can add 16 preset points, the residence time can be set

- Manipulation speed 200°/s continuous rotation, vertical angle -3°~+93°

- Protection level IP66, lightning protection, anti-surge

- PTZ motion direction, speed, preset position, cruise scan, power-on initialization etc. can be controlled by software function interface

Temperature measurement function

- Line temperature measurement, up to 20 temperature measurement areas max

- 100 preset positions for temperature measurement

- Temperature measurement range: -20℃~550℃

- Temperature measurement accuracy: ±2℃ (or ±2% of range)

Visual detector function

- 1/2.8" inch high-performance sensor, clear image, maximum resolution of visible light can reach 1920x1080

- 4.5-129mm 30x optical zoom

- Auto iris, auto focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation, wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction, day and night conversion

- Fog penetration, strong light suppression, electronic anti-shake, Smart IR anti-infrared overexposure technology

- Mirroring and local video output

- Enhanced coding of ROI region of interest

Thermal imaging detetcor function:

- 384×288 high sensitivity detector, support contrast adjustment

- Real-time temperature data output

- Intelligent high temperature warning

- Abnormal temperature alarm

- Timing, temperature difference and shutter correction in manual mode, AGC mode can be selected

- 3D noise reduction function, 15 kinds of false color adjustable, image detail enhancement

Application scenes

Can be widely used in different scenarios such as warehouses, biomass yards, ports, coal mines, petroleum and petrochemicals, and power monitoring.

Product NameDual-spectrum spherical temperature-thermal imaging

Product Model

Thermal ImagingDetectorUncooled detectors

Detector Format

(IR Pixel)

Pixel Size17 μm
Spectral range8 to 14 μm

Thermal Sensitivity


40mk(@ 25 ° C, F # = 1.0)
Focal Length7mm15mm25mm
FocusNo heatElectricElectric
Field of View(FOV)

53° x 40°

25° x 19°

25° x 19°
Color PalettesWhite Hot/Black Hot/Iron Red/Rainbow, etc. 15pseudo-color modes
Temperature Measurement FunctionTemperature Range-20℃ to 550
Frame Rate50HZ
Temperature ModeReal-time display cursor point temperature, full-screen high and low temperature tracking, average temperature display, support points, lines, rectangles, and other temperature measurement modes, up to 20 temperature measurement areas
High and Low Temperature AlarmControl end-sound and light alarms and log data and automatically store temperature data and image snapshots when an alarm is triggered
Temperature Accuracy±2℃(2% of the reading valeue)
Visual CameraImager

2 Megapixel 1/2.8" CMOS

Minimum Illumination

Color:0.05Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON)

Black and white:0.01Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON)

Lens30x optical zoom, f=4.5-135mm
Automatic ControlAutomatic white balance, auto gain, auto exposure
Backlight CompensationOn/Off
PTZ FeaturesPan&Tilt Attitude DataCommands to obtain head level, pitch angle data
Horizontal Range360° continuous rotation with no monitoring blind spot
Horizontal SpeedManipulation 200° persecond, manual 0.5° to 150°/s
Vertical Range-3° ~ +93°
Vertical SpeedManipulation 200° persecond, manual 0.5° to 100°/s
Number of Preset Points256 preset point, accuracy is 0.05°
Cruise Scanning6 lines, each with 16 preset points, residence time can be set
Auto-FlipVertical 180° automatic flip continuous monitoring
System ParametersWeight of the Whole Machine4.5Kg
Protective LensesProtective lenses are required for both optical paths, and for the infrared window we uses Germanium lenses

Power Supply

AC24-4V, 50Hz, machine power consumption < 50W
Protection LevelIP66,TVS 3000Vlightning, surge, anti-burst, GB/T17626.5 level4 standard
Storage Temperature-40℃ to 80
Working Temperature and Humidity-40℃ to 60℃, humidity less than 90%


SUANGSI was founded in 2014 by several professionals with more than ten years of industry experience, and we have experts from well-known universities in China as technical consultants.


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