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Shuangshi Infrared Is Projecting A Large Number of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras Overseas

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200,000, an extremely distressing number, we really don’t want to see...

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 23:23 on September 22, Beijing time, the cumulative number of deaths from the new crown in the United States exceeded 200,000. Behind this number are 200,000 lives that have passed away, the grief and sadness of countless families. What is more worthy of our vigilance is that only three months have passed since the United States died of more than 100,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia.


Figure 1. Shuangshi infrared thermal imaging camera being shipped.

Shuangshi infrared can't bear to see the new cases of pneumonia that have always been high in the world. Organize all employees to work overtime to produce infrared thermal imaging cameras suitable for various scenarios, including the SF-T10-F dual-light intelligent human body temperature measurement system. The core of the system uses imported high-end detectors to make human body temperature measurement more accurate and have closer temperature consistency. Moreover, it can perform non-contact, real-time, and continuous accurate human body temperature measurement to further prevent cross-infection caused by personnel stranding. At the same time, it supports face recognition when wearing a mask, which can be detected without removing the mask, and it can also prevent false alarms. The system integrates visible light and infrared thermal imaging functions to make the imaging clearer. The alarm information can be automatically saved to facilitate historical tracing.


Figure 2. Shuangshi infrared thermal imaging camera being shipped.

Shuangshi Infrared is sending a large number of infrared thermal imager products overseas to provide corresponding human body temperature measurement services. Wherever there is a need for countries and regions, dual-vision infrared will feed back information as soon as possible to establish a complete body temperature defense mechanism for the country and region. You must know that viruses know no borders, viruses do not distinguish between races, and the new coronavirus is the common enemy of all mankind. No country can take care of itself. Only by working together can we overcome the epidemic.


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