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Thermal Imaging Cameras Monitor Warehouses to Prevent Fires

The warehouse has been the place where goods are stored since ancient times, and it is also the basic guarantee for the shortage of goods due to unexpected events. The modern warehouse has become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, especially the logistics industry. Due to the introduction of smart logistics, the warehouse is built more and more, more and more goods, and fewer and fewer employees. Therefore, fire prevention of warehouses has become the focus of enterprise supervision. However, due to the serious accumulation of warehouses and high density, a little improper operation in a dry climate in autumn and winter will cause a fire. Once an open flame appears, it will be difficult to control, and it will inevitably cause a huge blow to the economy of the enterprise.


The picture shows a modern warehouse

For example, the following are warehouses prone to fire:

1. Raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse of paper warehouse;

2. Raw material warehouse, alcoholization warehouse and finished product warehouse of tobacco warehouse;

3. Grain warehouse, cotton spinning warehouse, sulfur warehouse, furniture warehouse, fertilizer warehouse;

4. New energy industry aging room, product warehouse, waste battery treatment workshop

For these warehouses, traditional fire detectors are detected by methods such as smoke and open flame. When the smoke is generated, it indicates that the warehouse has started to burn, and then when the person in charge of safety finds the location of the fire, so that when the fire is extinguished, it is not timely enough. The smoke alarm method is also a traditional means such as a buzzer and cannot be adapted to the new equipment for monitoring.


The picture shows the monitoring and prevention effect of the infrared camera

The Shuangshi Infrared infrared camera is dedicated to improving the warehouse monitoring and management level and establishing a fire safety management system structure. Infrared thermal imager uses infrared principle to monitor. When the temperature in the monitoring area reaches the preset temperature, it can alarm and emphasize the high temperature position on the screen. At the same time as the ordinary sound and light alarm, it will send SMS, email and other reminders to the preset person in charge, and at the same time, it can record the monitoring screen, not only can prevent fire but also find the starting point of the fire source, and the new equipment can communicate with other fire Equipment linkage, high compatibility. Shuangshi Infrared has a number of practical cases specifically for fire prevention in enterprise warehouses, and has been applied to dozens of enterprises.

Case 1—Qingdao warehouse:

Aiming at the problems of the wide and wide temperature measurement area of the Qingdao warehouse, the need for many temperature measurement areas, and the high temperature measurement accuracy requirements, we customized customized solutions to solve practical problems.



Case 2-Beilun Solid Waste:

Beilun solid waste has high requirements for regional temperature measurement accuracy and reduction of false alarms due to the large number of people entering and exiting and a large number of vehicles working. It uses intelligent high-temperature shielding technology for dual-view infrared, custom temperature measurement in multiple regions, and other functions Solve business problems.




SUANGSI INFRARED designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes thermal cameras and solutions to meet the needs of a broad range of markets. 

The reliable service includes the sale of thermal cameras up to delivering turn-key industrial solutions for Electricity, Waste disposal, Health Quarantine, Storage, Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering and Fire & Rescue applications.


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