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The Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging Human Body Temperature Measurement During the Construction of Leishenshan

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The Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging Human Body Temperature Measurement During the Construction of Leishenshan

   The total construction area of Leishenshan Hospital is about 80,000 square meters. It has the characteristics of high design standards, high technical difficulty, short construction period, and difficult resource organization. It faces problems such as shortage of materials, labor, and equipment resources, and there are concentrated operations of personnel that are interactively infected. Of high risk. In the construction process, infrared thermal imaging human body temperature measurement, smart construction sites, BIM technology, enterprise integrated management platform and other information technology are used to provide strong scientific and technological support for the construction of emergency infectious disease hospitals.

   During the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital, about 10,000 builders were working on the site during the peak period, and it is necessary to ensure the safety of the builders against epidemics. Install automatic infrared thermal imaging human body temperature measurement alarm systems in all directions at the site entrance, construction site, canteen, and dormitory to monitor the body temperature in a large area. Through the non-contact preliminary screening of the body temperature of the personnel, the system can quickly find and track the over-temperature personnel to help check the fever symptoms of the human body. At the same time, the system combines infrared human body temperature measurement algorithm and AI intelligent face recognition technology to ensure that the measured temperature difference is controlled at ±0.3°C, and the operation is simple and convenient. The system can achieve multi-target tracking to ensure no omissions. The alarm temperature zone and high temperature shielding can be customized to avoid the interference of high temperature objects. If over-temperature people are found, they will automatically alarm and take pictures and store them. It supports video recording, which is convenient for users to query and manage classified. If the monitored body temperature is >37.3℃, immediately carry out isolation and observation, and immediately send to the hospital in severe cases. Using infrared non-contact body temperature monitoring can realize rapid long-distance, large-area body temperature screening and detection. The system can automatically early warning and multi-person detection, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and reducing the risk of cross-infection. The application of infrared thermal imaging human body temperature measurement technology ensures the intelligent monitoring and early warning of the body temperature of all builders during the entire project construction process of Raytheon Mountain, and protects all builders from epidemic prevention.


Figure 1. Human body temperature measurement during the construction of Leishen Mountain.

   After ensuring the safety of personnel, in order to further improve the construction efficiency of Thunder God Mountain, patrol points are set up in the canteens, dormitories, meeting rooms and other relatively crowded places and the patrol QR codes are generated every day at 07:00, 14:00, 17:00 , 22:00 to generate inspection tasks. The management personnel conduct mobile inspections according to their tasks. If hidden dangers are found, they will take a photo to issue a rectification notice and send it to the corresponding responsible person. After the rectification, the photo will be communicated to form a closure. Through mobile terminal scanning code inspection, management efficiency is effectively improved, and hidden dangers are quickly communicated and effectively resolved. Install AI recognition equipment and intelligent sound columns at the entrances and exits of construction sites to intelligently identify and remind all people entering and exiting whether they wear safety helmets, reflective vests, masks and gathering of people. Through the intelligent algorithm of AI artificial intelligence technology, it can effectively solve the problems of large numbers of people entering and leaving the scene and complicated problems, and improve the efficiency of labor management. Based on 5G technology, a panoramic camera is installed on the construction site to remotely supervise and inspect the on-site construction, share the construction progress in real time, regularly implement remote monitoring and guidance on key nodes and difficult parts of the construction, and save the video snapshots in the cloud. Combine the drone cruise shooting pictures and deliver them to the command management center in real time to remotely monitor the safe and civilized construction and personnel conditions on site.

   The rapid construction of Leishenshan Hospital is inseparable from the support of infrared thermal imaging information technology, which guarantees the epidemic prevention safety supervision and efficient management of the construction personnel on site. The application of BIM and other technologies improves the efficiency of hospital construction design and ensures the efficient progress of on-site construction. The successful implementation of information technology in Leishenshan Hospital will help promote the rapid development of information technology in the construction industry.


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