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The perfect combination of infrared camera and track inspection robot

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The perfect combination of infrared camera and track inspection robot

my country is currently developing from labor-intensive to modern manufacturing. Revitalizing manufacturing and industrialization are important tasks for my country's economic development. From the perspective of industrial development, production methods must inevitably undergo mechanization, automation, intelligence, and informatization. The use of mechanical and automation technologies to replace intelligent inspection schemes in power transmission, transmission, distribution, and other power system links Inspection is the general trend.

However, most power companies still mainly use the traditional manual inspection method, which has the defects of high labor intensity, low work efficiency, scattered inspection quality and single means. Moreover, under severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, manual inspections have a greater safety risk and cannot complete inspection tasks in a timely manner. The traditional video surveillance system is limited by various conditions, and there are also large blind spots in the surveillance, which makes it difficult to truly meet the requirements of comprehensive coverage of video surveillance. At the same time, due to the complex system, the large number of cameras, and the large workload of installation and wiring, the failure rate is high and maintenance is difficult.


The picture shows the Brazil power inspection robot equipped with an infrared camera

With the promotion of smart substation and unattended substation modes, higher requirements are placed on the inspection of substations, and a more advanced and intelligent inspection mode is urgently needed. The scheme of combining the infrared thermal imager and the inspection robot is adopted to take infrared images of the objects and obtain the real-time temperature of the objects autonomously, and judge the temperature according to the infrared radiation intensity of the objects, so as to judge whether there is a fault. The equipment usually uses an uncooled focal plane thermal imager, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption, high reliability, easy maintenance, and high sensitivity.


The picture shows a Japanese pipeline inspection robot equipped with an infrared camera

The development of an intelligent inspection robot for the power system combined with an infrared thermal imager can ensure the intelligent, informational, economical and environmentally friendly operation of the power grid. Using intelligent inspection robots and infrared thermal imager detection devices to intelligently identify and link the equipment in the station, taking advantage of the robot's high accuracy, flexible response, and all-weather, to achieve 7*24 hours of high-frequency, unmanned inspection, completed All-weather data rapid collection, real-time information transmission, intelligent analysis and early warning to fast decision feedback management and control closed loop, strengthen the power equipment management capabilities, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and improve the power grid intelligent management level.


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