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The ubiquitous infrared camera

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The ubiquitous infrared camera

    Infrared thermal imaging technology has been widely studied by academia and technology companies because of its long imaging distance, strong anti-interference and intuitive and easy to manipulate. In recent years, infrared thermal imaging cameras have developed rapidly, making them an extremely advantageous means of temperature measurement. In addition to the thermal imaging cameras that we are familiar with recently, they can be used in the medical field to monitor human body temperature. They are also widely used in scientific research, mechanical equipment, electronic power, fire safety and agricultural production.


Application of infrared thermal imager in power industry


    The thermal imaging camera can accurately detect the faulty area in the power system. This is due to the abnormal high temperature in this area when many devices fail. Therefore, the abnormal temperature change can be detected quickly by non-contact method through infrared thermal imager detection, so as to diagnose the equipment failure. For example, there are complex metal connection parts between various equipment and components in the substation. When the equipment or components are loose or rusted and cause poor contact, the contact resistance between the equipment and components will be Increased greatly, it will generate excessive heat under the action of current, resulting in abnormal temperature rise in this part. This can be measured and diagnosed remotely and safely by the thermal imaging camera.





The picture shows the leakage thermal image (left) and short circuit thermal image (right)


   In addition to this, electrical equipment usually overheats due to aging. For example, the humidity of the insulation layer is too high, or the insulation material is decomposed into other substances, which will cause the dielectric loss value to increase significantly, which will lead to short-circuit between turns and discharge. Under the influence of the electric field, the insulating layer that bears the operating voltage will also have obvious heating phenomena. For example, a large amount of moisture in the insulating layer or too many impurities on the surface of the insulating layer will greatly increase the leakage current, which will have a certain effect on the electric field distribution. The final result is an abnormal rise in local temperature. Secondly, when there is poor electrical contact overheating, insulation degradation overheating, overheating caused by eddy currents, or excessive dust, excessive moisture, and short circuit phenomena, the infrared thermal imager can also be used to detect the faulty location and formulate perfect and reasonable countermeasures. .




Application of infrared thermal imager in construction industry


    Infrared thermal imaging cameras are very powerful assistants for the construction industry. The reasonable use of thermal imaging cameras reflects the function of temperature difference, which can effectively detect a series of quality problems such as hollowing and leakage of buildings. The method of surface testing is used. Will not cause any damage to the building itself. The so-called hollow drum of a building is a wall structure with a large heat capacity. If the plastering material peels off, the heat conduction between the exterior wall and the main body of the building becomes smaller. Generally, when exposed to sunlight and high temperature climate, the temperature of the external wall surface of the building rises, and the temperature of the peeling part is correspondingly higher than that of the normal part. Because the temperature difference of the detected building is very small and the detection distance is far, the method of manual inspection is usually prone to misjudgment and missed judgment. Therefore, the use of infrared thermal imaging cameras perfectly solves this series of problems.


The picture shows an empty high-rise house




Application of infrared thermal imager in the electronics industry


     The dead pixels of the LCD screen panel, also known as absence, refer to the sub-pixel dots displayed under the three primary colors of black, white and red, blue and green displayed on the LCD screen. It is a normal phenomenon for LCD screens to cause dead pixels because of quality problems. This is a typical feature of LCD screens. No matter which manufacturer is involved, this problem will be encountered. In the past, the detection of LCD screen bad spots was to adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, and adjust the brightness and contrast to the maximum and minimum respectively. It is time-consuming and laborious to observe whether there are dead spots with the naked eye. Nowadays, the use of infrared thermal imager inspection is currently the most efficient and economical inspection method.


The picture shows the LCD screen dead pixels



Application of Infrared Thermal Imager in Biological Science


     Appropriate temperature and humidity play an important role in plant growth and reproduction and pollen development, spreading, stigma pollination, pollen tube growth, seed development and other processes. In order to maximize the success rate of cultivation, studying the temperature distribution inside the flowers helps to better understand the characteristics of plant growth and development. For example, using an infrared thermal imager to record and record the flowering process of magnolia flowers, the temperature distribution of flower buds in different periods is of great significance for studying the self-heating process of flowers during the flowering process of magnolia flowers. The thickness of the pistil and stamen in the stamen is about 1mm, and the detection target is extremely small. Using the thermal imaging camera, the shape of the pistil and stamen can be clearly displayed. In addition, in order to reduce the heat loss of the flowers just picked, it is necessary to complete the focusing and shooting in a very short time. The rapid shooting function of the thermal imaging camera perfectly solves this problem.




The picture shows the infrared thermal image during the flowering of magnolia


Application of infrared thermal imager in petrochemical industry


    Ethylene is one of the largest chemical products in the world, and its production capacity is an important indicator of a country's petrochemical development level. The furnace is the core equipment of the ethylene production plant. It processes natural gas, crude oil and other raw materials into cracked gas, provides it to other ethylene plants, and finally processes it into ethylene, propylene and various by-products. Its production capacity and technology are directly determined. The production scale and product quality of the entire ethylene plant were clarified. During the cracking process, due to the secondary reaction, coking occurs on the inner wall of the cracking furnace tube and the inner wall of the quenching heat exchanger. As the cracking progresses, the amount of coke continues to increase, which directly affects the thermal conductivity of the tube wall, causing local overheating, which burns the equipment, and even blocks the furnace tube, causing accidents. In order to avoid this problem, the operation and maintenance personnel need to regularly check the operation status of the furnace. The traditional detection method can only be observed by the human eye and the contact single-point temperature measurement of the furnace, and the infrared thermal imager can realize the full image surface, Long-distance observation of the temperature status of the convection tube, furnace wall, external scaling and internal blockage caused by long-term use.





The picture shows the temperature distribution


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